Selling junk to kids

Marketing junk food to children has become a major source of debate over the past several years.  The countless sources of marketing children are being exposed to have continued to multiply.  Last year, efforts were made by the Interagency Working Group on Foods Marketed to Children to finally do something about this growing problem.  This organization was directed by congress to come up with nutrition guidelines for foods that are marketed to children.

“The guidelines focus on two “nutrition principles” for foods marketed to children: Ads and marketing campaigns should encourage kids to choose nutritional foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat; and foods aimed at children should have limits on saturated fat, trans fat, added sugar and sodium. The target date for getting everyone on board is 2016.” (Source)

“We’re Not Buying It,” a video featuring representatives from Yale, CSPI, Prevention Institute, among other organizations was created in an attempt to get the Obama Administration to support these changes.  Unfortunately lobbying has proven to be a barrier yet again, even for voluntary guidelines.

Although the recommended guidelines are far from perfect and other considerations need to be made, the idea of limiting what foods can be marketed to children is quite promising.  This could be one of the most effective ways to start fighting the growth of childhood obesity.

For information on how to get you kids to eat more fruits and veggies, listen to my Podcast!

 Podcast Script


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